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A Primer on Prostate Cancer
The Empowered Patient's Guide
Second Edition

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by Stephen B. Strum, MD & Donna Pogliano


imageDR. STEPHEN B. STRUM is a board-certified medical oncologist since 1975. He is a member of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) and also the American Urological Association (AUA). In 1983, Dr. Strum collaborated with Dr. Fernand Labrie on the use of combined androgen blockade in the treatment of prostate cancer--six years prior to FDA approval of Eulexin® (flutamide) and Lupron® (leuprolide). As a result of this pioneering work, his entire oncology practice was soon focused solely on prostate cancer.

Dr. Strum has presented original clinical research at the annual meetings of ASCO and the AUA. He has authored papers on the anemia of androgen deprivation and its correction with erythropoietin, androgen deprivation syndrome, and intermittent androgen deprivation.

In 1996, 1997, 1999 and 2000, Dr. Strum planned and moderated four national prostate cancer conferences--directed primarily at the PC survivor and his partner. He has volunteered his services in many forums to counsel patients regarding their course of treatment. In October 1996, Dr. Strum co-founded the Prostate Cancer Research Institute (PCRI), and was the main contributor to its Web site (www.pcri.org) and newsletter (PCRI Insights). He is a sought-after lecturer, author and consultant. Above all, he is passionate in his care of and for patients with prostate cancer. Dr. Strum and his wife, Miwha, currently live in Playa del Rey, California.

imageDONNA POGLIANO is the partner of a warrior in the battle against prostate cancer. She volunteers her time to counsel newly diagnosed patients who subscribe to various Internet mailing lists.

Starting with only the dream of bringing vital information about prostate cancer to the men and women of the prostate cancer community, she wrote the initial draft of A Primer on Prostate Cancer in June, 2000. This fully referenced and indexed book, complete with glossary, is the culmination of her two-year collaboration with Dr. Stephen Strum, whose assistance in this work has been indispensable. The completed book is a valuable reference for patients and for their physicians.

Donna Pogliano is the recipient of the National Prostate Cancer Coalition's Mary Lou Wright Distinguished Leadership Award, honoring her work in raising awareness through the Governor's Prostate Cancer Proclamation Project. She has also been inducted into the Honourary Order of the Walnut for her work as a prostate cancer activist.

Donna Pogliano lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with her son Gian and with her favorite patient and prostate cancer poster boy, Dick.

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